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Chikovani’s Last Name comes from Svaneti. Centuries ago, surname started migration to Lechkhumi, Imereti and Samegrelo. One of Chikovani surname tribes, which since 1704 had Samegrelo nobles - Dadianis title, is related with village Gordi.

Katsia Chikovani was promoted during the years 1661-1680 by lord Levan III Dadiani. King of Imereti Bagrat IV gave him, vizier, and give to rule Lechkhumi and sainasaridzo territory. Soon after, the katsia takes Head of the stewards in Samegrelo . Dadiani gave Saliparitiano to Katsia and as the owner of the Salipatitiano’s territory admitted him as Liparitiani. Chikovani has contributed to the strengthening of the king of Imereti with Levan Dadiani and go between the falling Lechkhumi for confrontation. Katsia advantage of quarrels even the door began to Samegrelo principal greatness narrowing. By Katsia’s initiative, in 1704 his grandson Katsia I was consecrated as Dadiani and he started new dynasty of Odishi lords.

Katsia Chikovani’s brother, Evdomos Chkondideli, was archbishop of the Martvili church. Martvili Monastery always held an important place in the history of Georgia. One of the monasteries archbishops George Chkondideli made invaluable role in bringing up the King David the Builder.Chateau Chikovani

The last of chamberlain of Gordi’s Dadianis palace was our great-grandfather - Dimitri Chikovani, the son of Constantine (1863 - 1937).

Dimitri's three sons were killed in the struggle against Soviet army power. Dimitri himself in 1937, 74-year-old man in his maturity Soviet authorities sentenced him to death.

Dimitir's great-grandfather - Beko (1780 -?), Was the founder of this lands. Beko had 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. One of the grandchildren was Dimitri chikovani who had 16 children. Unfortunately, at present, this ancient branch of the Chikovani, the genus has only two young successor: Dmitri Tamazi’s son and Papuna Ucha's son.

In the 30th of the last century late, when repression was very hard for this fatherlands, land was saved by Mrs. Olia (Domna) Gogelia, the wife of Ucha the son of Dimitri. It is thanks to this lady of this land to sustain life. She died at the age of 98. Till the end of her Life she had good humor. As she used to say work has sustained her for so long life. The proof was in his gnarled hands. Perhaps because of the hospitality, she had an exhibition of achievements. Perhaps her spirit still happy, brought up the example of his grandchildren became maintained this tradition.

Now its 236 years of chateaus founding’s. . It was established in a free Georgia, endured hostile of his time, the world's largest empires - Russia and the Soviet Union, and it is still free to continue in Georgia.


God Bless All Georgia and Chikovani's Lands


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