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The Village Gordi

Gordi, Khoni district village. It is located on three sides border- Imereti, Samegrelo and Lechkhumi. It is still unclear what the name of the village. It is possible that it is linked to the name of the saint from Cappadocia.

Gordi in known by Dadiani summer residence and the park. It was always raising the question, in small Imeretian village - Gordi, why was built residence of Samegrelo’s head. Here is small history: since 1704 Samegrelos heads title – Dadiani owned Katsia, who was from Gordi. Katsia Chikovani, chikvani (c. 1681-1682 BC), was the Vizier of Kingdom of Imereti. After death of Levan III dadiani Katsia’s soon became the main ruler of Samegrelo. Therefore explains why in the village Gordi was Dadiani’s Palace.

Residence in Gordi was built, in 1841 by Russian architect Leonid Vasiliev. It was a fortress-like structure. The finished building in length was 40 meters and in width of 20 meters. On the first floor is divided by columns and arches, and the second floor of a huge hall, living room, salon and the library was located.

David Dadiani invited famous agronomist and landscape architect, Joseph Babin, who is also the head of Zugdidi Botanical Garden and so planting in Gordi around the palace was designed by him. Babini work began on the construction and later took over the responsibility of the Italian grower Gaetano Zamberleti. Spread over an area of 80 hectares surrounded by a stone wall, which was built three gates protected. The complex included a bath and an artificial lake.

After the Bolshevik Revolution, when Red Army units were stationed Gordi Palace, the palace kept weapons, furniture and kitchenware were stolen. Later, the local authorities are encouraging the villagers continued to rob the house and everything that they are of any value to the - doors, windows, wooden columns decorated with ornaments, - purely stolen. Today, the palace did not survive.


Chateau Chikovani

Village Kinchha

Kinchha is Imeretian village extreme southwestern village of 800 meters above sea level on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains and alpine plateau, south-west of Tskhenistskali.

The name by the researcher Givi Eliavas opinion, represents a "ikanchi" and is same with the name Chans Tuesday, as the god "tarkhons" name (Minor Taros name).


Folk version of "Kinchha" “kinkrikho”, is upper spine, the elevated part of the name of the village was named after the mountain Kinchha expression "you broke your upper spine". We have a different opinion...

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