Chateau Chikovani

Georgia has Eight thousand years of continuous history of wine culture which is proved by many archaeological discoveries and historical incidents.

Wine in Georgia still had a pagan ritual and mystical destination period.

Chateau Chikovani

In the chateau chikovani we have special place for the cellar, here you can see the Georgian intangible heritage - a clay, - Imereti churi. Tears shape clay pottery vessel is considered of best wine in wine-making.

Expanding on a separate sight is ”churistavi” - Georgian traditional small table in the cellar, and the opening of clay, taking from there wine by “orshimo” recovered wine tasting. You can see the chateau of Imereti, local and European technologies winemaking process.

You will find ancient wine cellar of pressure, which is a large stone of ”meratapa”, lever and screw rod composed. In the chateau, at the appropriate time, you will be able to engage in the wine or alcoholic drinks during the setup process.

Aaseve will be able to walk around the chikovani’s vineyard, where you Georgian wine grape - vine Chkhaveri will be found.

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