Chateua Chikovani

Trout Fishing

In the Chateau Chikovani additional charm is recreation extraordinary attractive with trout fishing. On Coals you can spoil your taste with friends. You can have romantic and extraordinarily lunch in Jargvali near waterfalls

Chateua Chikovani

Finnish Bath

Finnish bath lovers will be able to get the service and get the fitness, massage, sauna swim in basin.

Chateua Chikovani

Outdoor Pool

Swimming pool lover at hot summer days can have a bath in the swimming pool, and simultaneously to take sun baths. Drink a cold beer and enjoy the hot summer days by the pool at the sensation of coolness.

Chateua Chikovani


The chateau has a combined playground where you can play mini-soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball and other games. Billiard lovers will have the means of Russian billiards play billiards in the estate.

Chateua Chikovani

Horseback Riding

For those who are attracted by Horseback riding Chikovani’s estate offers equestrian school. Applicants will be able to ride on horseback.

Chateua Chikovani

Observation Telescope

Enjoyed a strong interest in the night sky with thousands of stars and their views on the observation. Gordi clean, transparent sky special opportunity for astronomy lovers. The estate’s telescope can observe the night sky and switch the vast, unknown world.

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