Chateau Chikovani


Tour sights busy waiting Martvili and Khoni regions. For the first time we visit the monastery of Martvili (VII c.), Which is an early medieval monastery complex. It is built on a high hill and overlooks almost the whole Imereti and Samegrelo. Here are preserved ancient frescos. The complex is built in the wall of the church Chikovani (X c.). Here worked in Saint David's mentor George Chkondideli-Mtsignobartukhutsesi. The viewer is given the chance to visit the monastery of a small cell, where George Chkondideli taught David the Builder.

After the visit Gachedili canyon, this is located on the river Abasha. The length of the canyon in 2400, while the depth of 20-40 meters fail. You have an opportunity to walk around the green waterfalls beautiful valley. Limited access only by boat rocks in the canyon. Gachedili canyon, beautiful waterfalls, natural columns people admired..

The village is famous for the ancient residence Salkhino Dadianis box alleys and wine cellar Ojaleshi Dadiani. Huge yard, a small church and a courtyard in the middle of the XIX century, the palace standing in return visitors.

In the evening, we will go to the village of Gordi Tskhenistskali Valley Chikovani's estate, which will be held in the noble feast. The estate of the hotel rooms are comfortable and cozy atmosphere wonderful holiday. So ends the first day of impressive and emotional.

The second day of the trip will be able to browse and gordis and Kinchhas environs. An Okatse waterfall of the largest natural waterfalls in western Georgia, which is an unusual beauty, is crazing visitors. Many of bathing places. Gordi village cliff hanging from bridges Okatse Canyon amazing panoramic view. Canyon View is a beautiful lake, which locals call the lake and the. Rather complex job is to go to the lake, but the beauty of the lake and the difficult access to soon forget about forever remain in your memory. The hotel continues after returning to positive emotions. Arriving in the courtyard of the mountain water, which is available as trout fishing. You can spoil your taste and fire by yourself.

Before departure, you will be a farewell dinner Chikovani's estate.



(2 days and 1 night. The excursion starts from Kutaisi)


T r a v e l P l a n :

First day

  • Departure from Kutaisi 9:00 pm Martvili direction.
  • Martvili cathedral (VII century), church Chikovani (X century).
  • Gachedili canyon views, picnic.
  • Dadianis cellar and vineyard views Ojaleshi Salkhino.
  • Tskhenistskali Valley climb Gord.
  • The opening of Qvevri.
  • Feast Chikovan's estate.
  • Rest in the hotel.

Second day

  • Breakfast at 9:00.
  • Leaving the hotel at 10:00 pm, Kinchha direction.
  • Was launched waterfalls cascade views. Applicants can also swim.
  • picnic.
  • Okatse canyon.
  • For those who want to visit bears lake. Dadiani forest - park
  • Trout fishing.
  • Dinner in Chikovani's estate.
  • Back to To Kutaisi.

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